Types of Headphones

Many people love listening to music and having the best appliances is always a top requirement. Selecting a good pair of headphones can be a daunting affair especially for beginners. There are those who focus on the looks while others on the quality of the sound. The correct choice of headphones can make what looks like a long journey worthwhile. Either you want to use the headphones professionally, or just for fun, you have to ensure you get the best pick. The following are the most common types of headphones in the market today.


This type of headphones usually rests on the ears. Their make is light which makes them comfortable to use. The only disadvantage is that they do not isolate the sound well which compromises their quality.

Open Air

This category can be either supra-aural or circumaural. The back of the earpiece is usually open which allows sound to escape freely in both directions. They are not a good pick for recording studios because they do not isolate sound. They also leak the sound to the external environment which influences the final recording. They are fit for general listening.


Also known as the Over the Ear Headphones, this category can either be open-backed or closed. Their name explains how they encircle the user’s ears and forms a seal. The closed-back model is a favorite among many people because it provides isolation to external sounds. They are usually comfortable and do not usually leak their sound to the outside environment. Circumaural headphones are a good choice for DJs and recording studios who do not want noise interference from the external environment.

Wireless Headphones

They can either be digital, RF or infrared. RF models can work through walls, but their sound quality is easily affected by the external environment. Infrared models transmit over a short distance. Digital headphones connect through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This category is a favorite pick among those who love traveling. At Dextro Audio you can read some of the best reviews of Bluetooth headphones and guidance. Most of them are cordless and thus a great pick for those who want to reduce the number of cords in the house. You can easily move around with them because of their light material.


Just as their name suggests, they fall in between a closed-back and an open design. They usually leak some sound, but it is less when compared to open air design. Most people love them because they have extended low-frequency response and low distortion.

DJ Headphones

This category is mostly fit for professional use rather normal listening. Most of them are circumaural and closed back which makes noise isolation a reality. They usually come with a single or double cup. Most of them have rotating cups, replaceable and detachable cords. They usually have a hard material that can withstand wear and tear.

Understanding your needs is the first step towards selecting a good pair of headphones. Understanding the various categories will enable you to make an informed decision.

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