Preparations For Excavation Works

People usually believe that excavation works are simple and they don’t require any preparation at all. There is no point in telling you how huge mistake this is! A sad reality is that excavation works are extremely dangerous and they must be done by a professional. Trying to save money on poor-quality services isn’t something you should try. Now you know that these services are big, important and complicated, but you will also have to know something about preparations. There are a few aspects you should pay attention to.An interesting fact is that the Digger Hire Oldham is a pioneer when it comes to this.

  • Protecting trees and plants

In recent years, we saw a huge involvement of many organizations who try to protect trees and plants from people running them. In fact, most governments have taken serious action as well. All of this means that your excavation works must be well-prepared. Even if the actual site of excavation is 10 feet from a tree or a rare plant, they must be protected and saved.  Note: If you disobey this rule, local authorities may issue a ticket to you. In some rare cases these tickets are huge!

  • Preventing damage to buildings

Depending on the size of an excavation job you have in mind, protecting the homes and other buildings is crucial. In any case, you will have to limit the excavation to 50 yards from the nearest building. By doing this, you will eliminate the risk of damaging the supporting construction of a building, which means that you won’t compromise the integrity. No matter how small an excavation job is, the 50 yards distance must be taken into account.

Addition related to public roads

Across the planet, roads are well-protected, simply because they are crucial for perfect function of a country. An interesting fact is that in the United Kingdom, roads are better protected than ever. Now, why this is important for us? It is, because if you plan to have an excavation job near a public road, you must get a permit! Depending on a type and the severity of your works, you may get limited or not get at all, permit!

It is mandatory to prove that your work won’t effect on a road, nor on the traffic conducting on the preferable location. A useful addition would be to move excavation works as far as possible from the main road! If you manage to do this, your work will be possible and you will get the mentioned and needed permit.

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