Kitchen Wizardry Reloaded: Get the Hand Mixer Today

One of the appliances that define how serious you are in your kitchen is the hand mixer. Before this nifty piece came to the limelight, you had to find your stand mixer from where you left it last time, set it up on a flat surface before getting to work – losing a few precious minutes while at it. But look – a hand mixer gives you more than just a convenient way to whip cream or other ingredients, it also gives you a free arm to hold your phone or gesticulate to other people as you prepare a delicious meal.

What Should You Consider?

The Type of Mixer

You get to choose from two major types of hand mixers: the hand mixer and the hand blender. If your cooking routine involves whip cream, cake frosting, cake batter and the like, then the hand mixer is your go-to guy. This mixer uses two blades, which can be made of either metal or heavy plastic. The hand blender, on the other hand, uses a single blade.

Technology has taken mixing technology under its wing, and you now have the luxury of using cordless hand mixers. These usually operate on batteries and come with a charging dock. Take time to explore the various types of cordless hand mixers, reading reviews on each before making a purchasing decision.

The Brand – Does It Matter?

The good thing about hand mixers is that most brands, whether big or small make them. The performance of high-end brands isn’t markedly better than the performance of affordable brands. However, more high-end brands offer more options in terms of extra features and design.

Ultimately, go for the brand that you feel offers you the best options for your needs and offers good quality without compromising on performance and longevity.

The Weight

You operate the hand mixer with a single hand, and you have to keep at it until the mixing is done. A hand mixer that is too heavy becomes uncomfortable to handle. On the other hand, a mixer that is too light gives you too little control. The best bet is to look for something in between. The handle also helps distribute the weight, therefore, make sure the mixer has a comfortable, non-slip grip.

Accessible Controls

You need the mixer to offer a wide variety of settings that you can easily access. The buttons should be smooth to change. Stiff or sticky controls can lead to unfavorable results, especially when you accidentally choose high speed when all you need is a moderate speed.

Accessible controls would be useless without having a wide range of speed settings to work with. You need the low speed to combine ingredients to avoid the batter spattering, and you need a faster speed to whip the cream and egg whites. Five speeds are all you need, anything more and you might have something complicated.

Time to Whip Some Magic in the Kitchen

Well, you might not be the kitchen wizard you wish to be, but a hand mixer can add some points to your score. If the kitchen isn’t your forte, you can buy the hand mixer as a gift for a colleague or your wife. This handy little appliance definitely is a wizard in the kitchen.

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