About Cycles


Bicycle or simply bike can be termed as a poor man’s transportation. It is also used for recreation and sports. Since most of the population of the world is under privileged, bicycle makes it the most popular means of transportation that outnumber cars by around twice as much.  A bicycle can be described as a vehicle with light weigh frame connected with two wheels attached in a line and it is human powered and typically paddle driven. Although, there are multinational giant companies that are striving their every nerve to reinvent the humble bicycle, it has been changed very little since around 1885. There have been numerous innovations in bicycles in material and design to customize this mode of transportation to address the cycling needs of different individuals.

Types of Bikes

When it comes to discussion on the type of bikes, there are a huge number of bicycles that can be described in several different categories in term of their characteristics such as function, sports type, frame design and number of wheels etc.

To keep it simple you can divide the bicycle in relation to their functionality in the following categories according to your needs.

Mountain Bikes, Hybrid Bikes, Folding Bikes, Road Bikes, Comfort and Cruiser Bikes, Kids Trikes (and Bikes) and Kids Bikes.

You can additionally read greater details of this list of bikes with reviews at the following link http://www.cyclingplaza.com/. Some elaborations of the above list of bike types is given below.

Mountain Bikes: Mountain bikes are particularly designed for cycling away from road sides mostly for recreation and sport purposes.  Mountain bikes has components that is time tested for their endurance and performance on rough terrains.

Hybrid Bikes: Hybrid bikes have features borrowed from other bike types such as road bikes, touring bikes and mountain bikes. The hybrid bikes are designed and built with a number of different cycling conditions in mind. These bikes are more popular with people that are not considered as experts in biking. This includes children and kids of a certain age.

Folding Bikes: As the name suggests, these types of bikes have built in folding functionality that make them popular with bikers who look for compact transportation vehicles that can be carried in to buildings and public places and transportations with the ability to be stored in hand carry bags that can be rested into cars, boats and planes. When you shop for these types of bikes keep in mind that you can select them on the basis of their durability, weight, ride, compactness, folding speed or ease and price.

Road Bikes: These bikes are a lot similar in shape with professional racing bikes and can be confused as such but the matter of the fact is that these bikes have design features such as endurance, high number of gear combinations at the sacrifice of high-tech characteristics, lack of high-tech racing features (contrary to racing bikes), less burst speed (than a racing bike).

Comfort and Cruiser Bikes: These bikes are designed with comfort of the rider in mind and are very popular among people who vacation and are casual bike riders. The salient features of these bikes are smooth running balloon tires, an upright seating posture and a stylish construction of the frame usually made with steel. These bikes have one major drawback i.e. they are not fast due to their heavy weight of steel frame and balloon tires. In other words, the speed is sacrificed for comfort.

Kids Trikes and Bikes: Trikes or tricycles is a three wheeled human or gravity powered bike known for its stability of motion due to the absence of balance requirements at a certain speed that is mandatory for a two wheeled bike. The stable motion makes it popular among kids who cannot maintain their balance on a regular bike but want to enjoy cycling.

Kids Bikes: If you have kids that are grown enough to learn conventional two wheeled cycling than getting a two wheeled bike with height that can fit their size can be a wise choice. Since most kids learn to maintain their balance riding kids bikes at higher speeds than that of tricycles. The kids require more responsibility while riding. Buying your kids, a cycling safety gear along with the first kids’ bike, is also highly advisable.

Bike riding provide an enjoyable means of transport, recreation, sport and a road to health and an enjoyable exercise. Bikes are also considered as a pollution free and environmentally safe way of getting from one point to another. If you are an environmentally conscious person than it may be a good idea for you to buy a bike that conforms to your needs to give your contribution in the movement towards a healthier planet Earth as many people who care, commute to their workplaces via bikes, even if they can afford to drive cars.     

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