A Complete Guide For The Vacuum Cleaner Filter

When you plan to decide to include vacuum cleaner in your house cleaning kit, then you should take care about the choice of filter to make this device more efficient for cleaning. Quality of filter is the primary concern as the overall performance of the vacuum cleaner is dependent on it. Not all the filters are same, as some are washable while others need replacement on getting dirty. There are many more things about the vacuum cleaner filters that should be checked.

Popular types of filters

There are two types of filters in the vacuum cleaners. One is the primary filter and the other is secondary filter. Here is a list of some popular types of filters that are installed in different models of the vacuum cleaners:

Types of filters for special application

Some types of filters for special application are as follows:

  • HEPA filters: It is the latest technology in the filters that is used in the vacuum cleaners. This type of filter has the efficiency level of 99.9% for removing the micro particles. It uses special-size fibers and an electrostatic field to attract the micro particles.
  • Allergen filters: This type of filter is basically designed to remove the smallest particle from the filter that cannot be cleared by the ordinary filters. But they are less efficient as compared to HEPA filter.
  • Porous Polyethylene Filter: It is made up of microporous plastic material and ideal for cleaning the liquid. It has the capability of sucking the fluid particles from the surface as well as from the deeper channels.

Types of filters on the basis of design

  • Cartridge vacuum cleaner filter: It is the filter that can be disposed off easily and is needed to be changed periodically. This type of filter is in the shape of a drum that has opening from both the end and is casted with the rubber for easy and quick installation and replacement.
  • Foam filter: Generally, this type of filter is used as a secondary filter. Its semi permeable membrane prevents the dust and dirt to pass through it which makes it very easy to collect it for removal. It can be easily cleaned and reused.
  • Cloth filter: Vacuum cleaners that are deployed for the heavy work like at the construction site use this type of filter for collection of the large particles. These are washable filters and highly durable as compared to the other types of filters.
  • Disk filter: This type of filter is used in the portable vacuum cleaners and has the shape like the coffee cup.

Buyer should check out the types of filters in the vacuum cleaners which they are intended to purchase. It helps in determining its efficiency.

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